My short fiction available to read on Pandora’s Pen:

Red Rover, Red Rover“: Eight little ghost children are playing Red Rover, and they want Danny to join them.

The Playground“: Time freezes in the playground when winter drops death upon childhood.

Scavengers“: I walk through the tunnel to get home, and in the darkness I try to avoid the Scavengers.

The Cat“: A mangy gray cat haunts Black Creek: according to legend, if you see the cat, you die.

The Solomon Equation“: Three weeks after he was nearly struck by a drunk driver, Dr. Mark Solomon discovered the existence of Hell.

The Final Ingredient“: While walking through an apple orchard just before Halloween, Rhian discovers something strange in an old patch of graves.

The Divine Comedy of Errors“: A pompous twit finds himself in quite the predicament when he dies and enters the poorly-managed hierarchy of the underworld.

Yellow Bricks and Ancient Tricks“: Two teens searching for Halloween costumes stumble on underground caverns, a yellow-brick road, and mummies. Lots of mummies.