Hoosier Horror Blog Hop

Happy October, folks!

Now’s the time for pumpkin carving, apple picking, fallen leaves, and haunted houses. A breath of autumn chills the air, forests turn to livid splashes of color…


That’s how it should be. But it’s not.

I moved to L.A. over the summer, and… well, it’s basically still summer. Today, the first day of October, we’ll be hitting 100 degrees over here in southern California, a time for tank tops and air conditioning and sunscreen. Much as I love the consistent weather here, this is not how it’s supposed to be. Fall is supposed to be the way I described it above, crisp and spiced and cool.

The Midwest is perhaps the perfect location for the fall, where the season progresses just as you would expect. The most beautiful fall colors I’ve ever seen were in Indiana; the only apple orchard I’ve been to was in Indiana; and yes, the most corn-maze-friendly spookfest (Hanna Haunted Acres) was, you guessed it, in Indiana.

So as we enter the Halloween season, and I continue to wear shorts and sit in front of the fan, let’s take this first week of October to celebrate a place that truly epitomizes the autumnal season: Indiana. There’s a lot more horror in the Hoosier state than you probably think.


Blog Tour Day 8: Red Tash

All good things must come to an end, and so we make our final blog tour stop in Red Tash’s corner of the internet. As the writer of This Brilliant Darkness and the wonderfully quirky Troll or Derby, Red Tash is no stranger to monsters; in fact, the latter novel has no shortage of trolls and faeries, both kind and malicious. So let’s head over to her site and talk monsters!

In this final post of the blog tour, you’ll find out what kind of creatures grace the pages of PANDORA, and I’ll even let you know what’s up with the creepy face on the cover!

Thanks for joining me on this blog tour. Stick around at Red Tash’s site tomorrow for the start of the Hoosier Horror Blog Hop. It’s not just for people from Indiana! I’ll be partaking in this one too, in celebration of the perfect Midwestern Halloween and all its cornfields, hayrides, and pumpkin farms.

Blog Tour Day 7: Anthony Rapino

Did you win the grand prize for the Pandora Blog Tour Contest? Maybe! You’ll have to head over to Anthony J. Rapino’s blog to find out the winner and to get a glimpse of what sort of goodies are inside the box!

Rapino is the author of Soundtrack to the End of the World, an excellent and surprisingly original tale of zombies, drugs, friendship, and music: a highly recommended read. He’s also hosting his own blog tour, which you should probably check out because there are killer prizes, an awesome game, and tons of guest posts!

We’re finishing up the Pandora Blog Tour tomorrow with a guest post on monsters at RedTash.com!

Blog Tour Day 6: Ash Krafton

Today we head over to the blog of Ash Krafton, author of BLEEDING HEARTS, the first in her supernatural series, The Books of the Demimonde. Come chat with us about our love of Greek mythology and what kind of myths appear in PANDORA.

There’s also an e-book giveaway in today’s guest post, so go check that out! And don’t forget to enter to win the Pandora Prize Box over at AxelHowerton.com! CONTEST ENDS TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT! We’re still low on entries, so your odds of winning are pretty good!

Check back tomorrow as we head to Anthony J. Rapino’s blog to find out the winner of the contest and see what kinds of goodies are inside the prize!

Blog Tour Day 5: Wesley Southard

Today, the Pandora Blog Tour brings us to Wesley Southard’s blog. Southard is the author of short fiction, which can be found in the Big Book of New Short Horror, Cover of Darkness, Grindhouse, and more.

Today’s guest blog will delve into the origins of PANDORA and offer the chance to win a free e-book copy of the book. Don’t forget to enter to win the Pandora Prize Box at AxelHowerton.com! It includes a signed paperback copy of PANDORA!

Blog Tour Day 4: J.C. Martin

Our next stop in the PANDORA Blog Tour is with J.C. Martin, author of the recently released ORACLE, a creepy sounding crime novel involving a serial killer. Join me at her blog to find out what books influenced the writing of PANDORA and for the chance to win a FREE e-book copy of the book! Don’t forget to enter to win the mystery box of goodies on Axel Howerton’s site or here under the Freebies tab.

Blog Tour Day 3: James Friesen

Today is a two-for-one special on our lovely blog tour. First, we head over to the blog of James Freisen, author of Zombie Night in Canada! You can get his book on Amazon and Smashwords to find out how a small Canadian town fares against the zombie pandemic.

My guest post with James looks into one particular character of PANDORA that I call my fictional doppleganger, and how she helped me overcome some major writer’s block. There’s also a chance to win a free e-book copy of PANDORA, so check it out here!

The second part of today’s blog hopping brings us back to Axel Howerton’s site, where we were yesterday for the announcement of the Pandora’s Box Contest where you can win a mystery box of goodies. Today, Axel has posted a kickass review of PANDORA, likening the book to King, McCammon, and other 80s horror legends. It really is an excellent review, so check it out here! Thanks, Axel!

The tour keeps rolling tomorrow at JC-Martin.com!

Blog Tour Day 2: Axel Howerton (Win Free Stuff!)

Day 2 of the Pandora Blog Tour brings us to Axel Howerton, the coolest cat this side of the internet. Axel’s darkly comedic, neo-noir, nihilist-romance novel HOT SINATRA will be released January 15, 2013. Axel is also the brains behind the annual Coffin Hop.

Hop on over to his site to find out how you can win the Pandora Prize Box, filled with an assortment of goodies!

The Pandora Blog Tour continues tomorrow at JamieFriesen.com.

Blog Tour Day 1: Joseph Spencer

Today starts the PANDORA Blog Tour! We kick off the week of horror with fellow Damnation Books writer, Joseph Spencer. Grim, Spencer’s paranormal crime novel, was published by Damnation Books September 1, the same day as PANDORA. Curiously, the worlds of our books seem to overlap, as they both center around towns in central Illinois plagued by a serial killer called The Reaper. Mysterious… you’ll just have to read both books to see what you think…

Read Spencer’s interview with me here, and join the tour tomorrow with Axel Howerton, who will announce the Pandora’s Box Contest and your chance to win the mystery prize!

Praise for PANDORA

“Where is the next Poppy Z. Brite?   Where is the next American writer of coherent and lucid horror fiction that doesn’t blink and doesn’t let up, even when you sort of wish it would?  Where is our next guide to the places that are horrible and wonderful and not for the faint of heart?  We may well have found her in Joanna Parypinski.  There seems to be no matter too dark, and no dungeon too deep for her discerning narrative eye to plumb.  She resorts to no gimmicks, and she uses no tricks.  She will capture your attention, and she will earn it.  With Pandora she has made a grand entrance.  And she is just getting started.”

Scott Kenemore, bestselling author of Zombie, Ohio and Zombie, Illinois