New Website as Jo Kaplan

Those of you who have seen my recent updates about my forthcoming novel, IT WILL JUST BE US, may recall that I’m publishing it as Jo Kaplan. As I transition to this next phase of my writing and publishing journey (for those familiar with the publishing world: moving to traditional from indie pub), I’m going to be doing more work with that name.

So I’ve created a new website: It doesn’t have a blog attached to it like this one does, but I’ll be updating my bibliography of short fiction as well as new books on that site. Something else you’ll find there is the signup for my shiny new newsletter, which will take the place of a blog. I’ll be sending out just one email per month with writing updates, reading recommendations, and sneak peeks. I may even host a few giveaways.

If you sign up before my first issue, which will drop in January, then you’ll be automatically entered to win a signed copy of DARK CARNIVAL, and you’ll also get a first look at the (gorgeous) cover art for IT WILL JUST BE US (which I am dying to share!).

Go here if you’d like to sign up, or you can sign up directly from

Thanks to everyone who has been part of my writing journey so far… onward and upward!

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