3 Stories in Ellen Datlow’s Recommended Reading List

Every year, esteemed horror editor Ellen Datlow compiles the Best Horror of the Year; we’re up to eleven now, and this yearly anthology is always a must-read, not only republishing amazing stories but including a summation of the year’s horror output and list of honorable mentions.

She also posts a full recommended list on her website, and for the first time I’ve been included in this list… not once but three times!

From Ellen Datlow’s list:

I’m so thrilled to be included… I was hoping maybe one story would be listed, but three (out of the five stories I published in 2018)? Unreal!

Excuse me while I just do a quick happy dance over here…

Ellen also published my story “Wick’s End” a few years ago in Haunted Nights co-edited with Lisa Morton. It’s still hard to believe Ellen Datlow even knows my name, let alone likes my work!

If you want to read any of the stories she included on her Recommended Reading list, here’s where you can find them:

Commencement” in Vastarien Volume 1 Issue 2, available on Amazon and at the Vastarien website

Vastarien is an incredible new journal publishing fiction, poetry, and critical essays in the weird/Ligottian tradition. My story “Commencement” opens issue 2 with the strange tale of a mysterious burnt school in the desert that teaches esoteric philosophy, and a girl graduating to the next stage of her existence.

The House of Y” in Black Static #66, also available on Amazon

This was my first publication in Black Static, a magazine I’ve long admired. “The House of Y” involves a college girl rushing a mysterious sorority by partaking in an unsettling initiation ceremony that takes place in the basement of their old, storied house.

The Thing in the Trees” in Nightscript Volume IV

The yearly Nightscript anthologies are always ones to look forward to. “The Thing in the Trees” follows a transgender man taking on a new position as park ranger, but the stories of the forest suggest strange transformations, and the forest may be more alive than he thinks.

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