Today marks the official release of DARK CARNIVAL, available now on Amazon (print and kindle edition)!

An Early Blurb

“Every page of Joanna Parypinski’s latest novel, Dark Carnival, is a ticket for a new ride. As you collect them and weave your way through the various literary attractions, you can only look back in childlike wonder when you reach the end, wanting to return for more.”

– Michael Bailey, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Psychotropic Dragon and Seven Minutes.


For fourteen years, Dax Howard has lived with the mystery of his mother’s disappearance. He’s tried to put it behind him: getting out of his dying rural hometown, going to college, studying astrophysics. But his father couldn’t get over his loss, wallowing in alcoholism and conspiracy theories about the traveling carnival that he believes kidnapped his wife. Dax never thought he would return home, but when his father dies, he has no choice but to face his past—and the possibility that his father may have been right all along…

What he finds in Conjunction, Nebraska is a bloodthirsty sheriff, a collection of missing teenagers, and a death-worshipping cult led by a strange girl intent on summoning an ancient being down from the stars. If Dax wants to finish what his father started, he’ll have to uncover the secrets of the cult and find the carnival himself… unless the carnival finds him first.

Cover art by Wendy Saber Core

Published by Independent Legions

Categories: Writing

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