New Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

Dear readers,

The HWA has officially announced the TOC of the Scary Stories tribute anthology, New Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark: 35 new folktales and urban legends to scare the wits out of young readers, in the vein of Alvin Schwartz’s iconic trilogy.

New Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
Edited by Jonathan Maberry
A Horror Writers Association Anthology for Young Readers

1.    “The Funeral Portrait” by Laurent Linn
2.    “The Carved Bear” by Brendan Reichs
3.    “Don’t You See the Cat?” by Gaby Triana
4.    “The Golden Peacock” by Alethea Kontis
5.    “Strange Music” by Joanna Parypinski
6.    “Copy and Paste Kill” by Barry Lyga
7.    “The House on the Hill” by Micol Ostow
8.    “Jingle Jangle: by Kim Ventrella
9.    “The Knock-Knock Man” by Brenna Yovanoff
10.    “The Weeping Woman” by Courtney Alameda
11.    “The Neighbor” by Amy Lukavics
12.    “Tag, You’re It” by Nancy Lambert
13.    “The Painted Skin” by Jamie Ford
14.    “Lost to the World” by John Dixon
15.    “The Bargain” by Aric Cushing
16.    “Lint Trap” by Jonathan Auxier
17.    “Cries of the Cat” by Josh Malerman
18.    “The Open Window” by Christopher Golden
19.    “The Skelly Horse by Trisha Wooldridge
20.    “The Umbrella Man by Gary N. Braunbeck
21.    “The Green Grabber” by D.J. MacHale
22.    “Brain Spiders” by Luis Alberto Urrea and Rosario Urrea
23.    “Hachishakusama” by Catherine Jordan
24.    “Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board” by Margaret Stohl
25.    “In Stitches” by Michael Northrop
26.    “The Bottle Tree” by Kami Garcia
27.     “The Ghost in Sam’s Closet: by R. L. Stine
28.    “Rap Tap” by Sherrilyn Kenyon
29.    “The Garage” by Tananarive Due
30.    “Don’t Go into the Pumpkin Patch at Night” by Sheri White
31.    “Pretty Girls Make Graves” by Tonya Hurley
32.    “Whistle Past the Graveyard” by Zac Brewer
33.    Title TBD by James A. Moore
34.    “Mud” by Linda Addison
35.    “The Tall Ones” by Madeleine Roux

Even before I knew I was going to be a part of this, I was thrilled with the idea. The Scary Stories books were some of my favorites growing up as a 90s kid. So not only am I excited to have a story included (my 10-year-old self would flip out if she knew she was going to be published alongside R. L. Stine), I’m also just really excited to read the other stories.

And as we all know, what made these books particularly iconic in the 80s and 90s was the terrifying artwork by Stephen Gammell. I don’t know what the plans are for illustration of the new anthology, but… you know, Gammell is still around…

More details as they arrive! Pub date likely sometime in 2020.

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