Nightmare Magazine, “We Are Turning on a Spindle”

October? Is it really October?

Before you explode in a burst of pumpkin spice at the turning of the haunting season, can I take you on a tour of my October publications? I’ve got three stories coming out this month in some venues that I’m super excited to be a part of.

First stop: Nightmare Magazine.

The October issue (#61) is now available, and it includes my story, “We Are Turning on a Spindle.”

I LOVE this magazine, and I still can’t believe I’ve got a story published in it.

Nightmare Magazine

You can purchase the issue now at the website. Here’s what else is in it:

  • Fiction by Cassandra Khaw (“Don’t Turn on the Lights”)
  • Fiction by Brian Evenson (“Click”)
  • Fiction by Robert Shearman (“Suffer Little Children”)
  • Latest installment of the horror column “The H Word”
  • Interview with Josh Malerman
  • Author spotlights

Or you can check back at Nightmare Magazine’s website on October 18th, when my story will be available to read online!

Stay tuned for our next stop: Haunted Nights, available October 3rd.

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