Coffin Hop Contest: Halloween Mad Libs

What’s your favorite part of Halloween… Costumes? The creepy atmosphere? Carving jack-o-lanterns?

Or is it… FREE TREATS?

You’re in luck, because I’m giving away a delightfully spooky prize this Halloween! This year’s Coffin Hop contest, back for the second year running, I bring you the ever-popular and hilarious HALLOWEEN MAD LIBS!


All I need from you is a list of words, which will then be used to fill in a little Halloween story. Comment below with your name, e-mail (so I can contact the winner), and a word of your choice for each of the following:

Verb (past tense):
Noun (plural):
Name (of a person):
Emotion (noun, e.g.: happiness)
Noun (plural):
Verb (gerund—ends in “ing”):
Noun (plural):

You’ll have until 11:59 PST on October 27th to enter. At that time, I’ll compile your responses and post the stories with your words. Then, dear Coffin Hoppers, I leave it up to you: you’ll have from October 28th until the start of Halloween to vote on your favorite story. Whoever gets the most votes wins!

And what will you win, you might ask?


Coffin Hop Prize 2014

  • 1 autographed paperback copy of PANDORA
  • 1 PANDORA bookmark
  • 1 Damnation Books metal bookmark
  • 1 Damnation Books pen
  • 1 Starbucks Pumpkin Spice VIA

Let the Mad Libs begin! Don’t forget to check out everyone else’s great giveaways for this year’s Coffin Hop.

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  1. Karen Soutar
    baited, oranges, Mark, fury, noisily, bowls, cheerful, grinning, roses, Vampire, shy, hand, cup, “I’ll explain later.”

  2. I’m a little rusty on the Mad Libs, but here goes. Screamed, jackelopes, Englebert Humperdinkt, hatred, oily, cemeteries, bloody, running, rubber chickens, Fran Drescher, whimsical, giraffe, lobotomy, “You want an omelet, you have to break some eggs.”

  3. Noun: The Undertaker
    Verb (past tense): jostled
    Noun (plural): creatures
    Name (of a person): Joanna
    Emotion (noun, e.g.: happiness):wept
    Adverb: extremely
    Noun (plural): dead
    Adjective: rusty
    Verb (gerund—ends in “ing”): stabbing
    Noun (plural): graves
    Monster: specter
    Adjective: ghastly
    Noun: crypt
    Noun: shovel
    Phrase: Curiosity killed the cat.

    Thanks for the great contest! maryrajotte[at]

  4. Kevin James

    Noun: lobster
    Verb (past tense): tangoed
    Noun (plural): dinghies
    Name (of a person): Kelly
    Emotion (noun, e.g.: happiness): ambivalence
    Adverb: merrily
    Noun (plural): European nation states
    Adjective: swamp-like
    Verb (gerund—ends in “ing”): surfing
    Noun (plural): ostriches
    Monster: basilisk
    Adjective: flamboyant
    Noun: raincoat
    Noun: quiche
    Phrase: “2 out of 3 ain’t bad.”

  5. Great contest!! juliannemsnow[at]

    Noun: Chicken
    Verb (past tense): buzzed
    Noun (plural): killer butterflies
    Name (of a person): Siobhan
    Emotion (noun, e.g.: happiness) nauseous
    Adverb: awkwardly
    Noun (plural): Nuns
    Adjective: baleful
    Verb (gerund—ends in “ing”): running
    Noun (plural): plate
    Monster: Godzilla
    Adjective: defamatory
    Noun: disease
    Noun: information
    Phrase: ‘Get away from her, you Bitch!’

  6. Okay here you go:

    Noun: Wife
    Verb (past tense): ate
    Noun (plural): oranges
    Name (of a person): Harrison
    Emotion (noun, e.g.: happiness): shame
    Adverb: elegantly
    Noun (plural): chickens
    Adjective: adorable
    Verb (gerund—ends in “ing”): walking
    Noun (plural): cabinets
    Monster: Medusa
    Adjective: ugliest
    Noun: editor
    Noun: refrigerator
    Phrase: Help, I’m melting.

  7. Skeleton
    “Shall we dance?”

  8. Jeff Parypinski

  9. Great fun! Here are my words:
    Edgar Allen Poe
    Good times never seemed so good

  10. Noun: carousel
    Verb (past tense): carved
    Noun (plural): planes
    Name (of a person): Bob Barker
    Emotion (noun, e.g.: happiness): jealousy
    Adverb: unsightly
    Noun (plural): muffin tops
    Adjective: old-fashioned
    Verb (gerund—ends in “ing”): packing
    Noun (plural): pails
    Monster: Shrek
    Adjective: dusty
    Noun: oatmeal
    Noun: basket
    Phrase: “Come on down!”

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  11. Noun: Puppet
    Verb (past tense): Skittered
    Noun (plural): Spider Eggs
    Name (of a person): Reginald
    Emotion (noun, e.g.: happiness) Somberness
    Adverb: Wickedly
    Noun (plural): Knives
    Adjective: Bleeding
    Verb (gerund—ends in “ing”): Vomiting
    Noun (plural): Books
    Monster: Screaming Skull
    Adjective: Cursing
    Noun: Candelabra
    Noun: Pumpkin
    Phrase: “I think I just pooped myself.”

  12. Noun: Cauldron
    Verb (past tense): Howled
    Noun (plural): Grave Stones
    Name (of a person): Paul Tergeist
    Emotion (noun, e.g.: happiness) Anxious
    Adverb: Dangerously
    Noun (plural): Pumpkins
    Adjective: Eerie
    Verb (gerund—ends in “ing”): Creeping
    Noun (plural): Ghosts
    Monster: Frankenstein
    Adjective: Dusty
    Noun: Ghoul
    Noun: Broom
    Phrase: I want to suck your blood!

  13. What a fun thing to do! I can’t wait to read the final product. Here are my words:

    Noun: Toupee
    Verb (past tense): Dragged
    Noun (plural): Bananas
    Name (of a person): Vinny, the bloody scarecrow
    Emotion (noun, e.g.: happiness): Loneliness
    Adverb: Begrudgingly
    Noun (plural): Puzzles
    Adjective: Pathetic
    Verb (gerund—ends in “ing”): Cruising
    Noun (plural): Trucks
    Monster: Wendigo
    Adjective: Scrawny
    Noun: Inside
    Noun: Moonlight
    Phrase: “Shake your booty!”

  14. Noun: Death
    Verb (past tense): Frolicked
    Noun (plural): Aliens
    Name (of a person): Edgar
    Emotion (noun, e.g.: happiness): Indignation
    Adverb: Cryptically
    Noun (plural): Trees
    Adjective: Peckish
    Verb (gerund—ends in “ing”): Lingering
    Noun (plural): Batteries
    Monster: Harpy
    Adjective: Telekinetic
    Noun: Vibrator
    Noun: Pimp
    Phrase: There’s a time and place for everything, and it’s called college.

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