Fourth Annual Coffin Hop

coffin-hop-2014Can you believe this is not only the fourth Halloween in which this website has been in existence, but also the fourth annual Coffin Hop?

You know what the Coffin Hop is, right? RIGHT?

If you don’t, gather round, folks: I’m going to tell you a story about a little gathering of horror blogs that became the biggest Halloween blog hop this side of the internet…

In 2011, evil mastermind Axel Howerton (author of Hot Sinatra) decided to create an online event specifically for horror writers, artists, readers, bloggers, and Halloween lovers. Word got around the ‘net, and that year, over 100 authors and bloggers participated; that number doubled in 2012, and 2013 proved to be the most popular hop to date.

Every year, horror writers lure in thousands of readers to their devilish web of Halloween-love and contests galore, in which they give away e-books, paperbacks, autographed copies, toys, décor, movie posters, etc…

So, what is the Coffin Hop?

Starting October 24th and running the whole week leading up to Halloween, you’ll be able to “hop” between all of the participating blogs, which will be dedicating their posts to the holiday. You can find the master list for 2014 and other info at the official Coffin Hop website.

Some other death-by-drive-inthings you’ll find at that site: a link to the official online store, which has shirts, shot glasses, hats, and other Coffin Hop themed goodies. You’ll also find info on last year’s scarily successful Coffin Hop anthology: Death By Drive-In. Inspired by B-movies, this monster-filled antho is brimming with originality, hilarity, and some good old-fashioned scares.

Want more Halloween in your life? Take a look at my 2011 Halloween Countdown, an epic list containing everything you need to do to prepare yourselves for Halloween.

This week on my website, you can expect such excellent Coffin Hop delights as…

  • An exclusive interview with bestselling zombie and horror author, Scott Kenemore!
  • This year’s jack-o-lantern art!
  • An all-new creepy short story just for readers of!
  • And, back for the second year in a row… Halloween Mad Libs!
  • The chance to win a signed copy of PANDORA, pumpkin spice coffee, and other awesome swag!

Now get out there and Hop til you Drop!

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  1. Great banner image! Looking forward to what you have coming up this week!! 🙂

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