Happy Halloween

Halloween is upon us, bringing with it the end of another successful Coffin Hop. Yet the festivities are far from over: it’s time to announce the winners of this year’s contests.

The person who won a digital copy of Coffin Hop: Death By Drive-In is…


Now onto the Mad Libs contest. The person who got the most votes on their Mad Libs entry won the grand prize, including a signed copy of PANDORA, pumpkin spice instant coffee, bookmarks, and a Damnation Books pen:

Coffin Hop Prize

Everyone had great answers, but the readers have decided on a clear favorite (possibly because the hero of this story was none other than Axel Howerton). The winner on this most corpulent and diseased of days is…


Congratulations to the winners! You’ll get an e-mail shortly to coordinate the delivery of your prizes.

For those who didn’t win, thanks for joining in on my Coffin Hop shenanigans. I had a ton of fun this year and really enjoyed reading all of your Mad Libs creations. If you still want a copy of Death By Drive-In, you can hit up the Smashwords or Amazon for either digital or print format. Remember, all proceeds go to LitWorld.org to promote literacy around the world.

And now, here’s a compilation of my favorite mad libs responses to make one zany Halloween story:


By Everyone

It was a BRIGHT and CHEERFUL night, the moon lighting pale and ghostly on the haunted cornfield. As legend had it, an undead PANTS was said to YODEL through the whispering stalks each Halloween, but AXEL HOWERTON did not believe this. This Halloween night, he DRUNKENLY entered the SEDUCTIVE path that wound through the corn. As he CRIED deeper and deeper into the maze, the rustling of the stalks in his ears, ANGST began settling into his heart. The maze was impenetrable; he lost all sense of direction, seeing only by the light of the BONGO DRUM overhead. A low BLAT! issued from the corn straight ahead, and suddenly a SNALLYGASTER emerged from the parted stalks. AXEL HOWERTON DIED in terror as the creature approached. In the distant farmhouse, a clock struck midnight, signaling the end of Halloween. The creature stepped forward, opened its massive jaws, and said: “LET’S TRY THAT AGAIN.”


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  1. Fun mad lib. I have had alot of fun coffin hopping and am sad to see it end. Lots of great posts. Now to read my coffin hop anthology!

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