Pumpkin Roundup

And now, without further ado, this year’s jack-o-lanterns:

Mine ended up in the semblance of Sam from the movie Trick ‘r Treat.


…and my cat was particularly interested in it.


The face is quite sinister in the dark…


My boyfriend carved the face of Heisenberg from Breaking Bad!


And here are three more pumpkins, carved respectively by my mother, my brother-in-law, and my sister.


Unfortunately, two days after carving it, my pumpkin imploded in a pile of mold and orange liquid. Such is the sad, brief life of a jack-o-lantern.

Hey, have you voted for your favorite Halloween Mad Libs story yet? You only have until tonight at 11:59 pm until the poll closes and I announce the winner! So get those votes in, as it will determine who wins the grand prize.

Not sure where to hop next? Check out Amy K. Marshall’s paranormal investigation contest and forthcoming story of Alaskan horror! Then keep hopping.

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