9 Days to PANDORA

Day 9

The idea for PANDORA came to me on the Fourth of July, 2007. I had just graduated from high school and was sitting in a neighbor’s backyard, facing the nearby manmade lake encircled by houses. They were setting off fireworks over the lake, a dazzling display that made me a little nervous to be so close. I could smell burning on the air as ash and still-flaming debris littered the grass around us.

Photos taken by Mallory Parypinski

The plot of my book was already in the works, but I didn’t know how I was going to end it. As I watched those fireworks—stunning, yet potentially dangerous—it hit me. I knew how I was going to end my book.

Within a month, I had written the prologue. After an arduous two years of writing, I finished the first draft in July of 2009. I spent 2.5 more years revising, revising, and revising again until I was happy enough with the final product to submit it to a few publishers. Damnation Books accepted it immediately.and set it for a September 1 release date.

I could say that’s the story of how PANDORA came to be, but really, with the release date only 9 days away, the story is just beginning.

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