Stephen King’s IT Remake: 2 Movies?

I just got an interesting bit of news! Stephen King’s IT is going to be made into two movies.

Cary Fakunaga is going to direct the epic tale of the ancient creature who terrorizes children in the small down of Derry, Maine by manifesting as the thing they fear the most (mainly appearing as the devilish clown, Pennywise).

I’ve been hearing about the IT remake for some time, since Warner Bros picked up the rights to it in 2009. Originally they were going to adapt it into a single movie, but it would appear they’re now planning on doing two. Makes sense, I suppose; how would one even go about trying to jam an 1,100-page tome into a 2.5 hour movie? We’re assuming here that the first movie would revolve around the characters as children and the second would be the adults.

I don’t know how I feel about this… On one hand, I’ve been wanting them to remake IT ever since I stopped having nightmares about the miniseries (age: 6) and decided it was kind of crap. I know we get inundated with remakes in the world of horror cinema, but the miniseries had such unrealized potential that I figured, now with the great visual technology we’ve got, they could really make it a terrifying experience the second time around. Maybe they could even get beyond the simple clown/spider thing and show us a bit of the true Lovecraftian horror that shines in the book yet is completely ignored in the 1990 version.

On the other hand, part of the brilliance of IT is the narrative structure that intertwines the parallel stories of the childhood Loser Club and their amnesiatic adult counterparts, the storylines complementing each other beautifully to the double-climax ending. If you split them apart… it just feels wrong. You can’t unravel the strands of DNA; it’s unnatural. So, too, is unraveling the twined narrative threads of IT, which are so dependent on one another and which, without the other, would feel incomplete.

And while they could certainly make the updated version visually polished, scarier, and a little less silly (really, the entire Chinese food scene is hilarious), I’m not convinced that anyone could ever top Tim Curry’s performance as the infamous Pennywise the Dancing Clown.

I’m sure we’ve still got quite a few more years until the movie(s) appear on our screens, but, as IT is my all-time favorite King book, I can’t help salivating over these morsels of news. What do you think, fellow King fans? Could it work?

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  1. I’ve heard good things about Fakunaga’s work :] sounds creeptastic.

  2. I hope this version follows the book A LOT closer. The book was terrifying. The movie was a huge let down that left out far too much of what made the novel so scary!

    • I saw the movie when I was very young (about 7) so it for sure scared me. Now when I see it again it still scares me. I read the book as a teen and I do agree that the book is much more real when it comes to horror….but what could we expect from a made for TV movie. This remake has potential to be flat out great since it’s gonna have the R rating. I am very excited to see how closely they can follow the book.

  3. I’ve watched the movie(s) quite a few times being a big fan of king and the story line of the movie. Every time I watch the movie I try to think about how it could be made differently or better with the ability of an R rating. I believe that there is a lot of potential in the movie and that the story line could be projected into one of the best horror films the genre has seen. Warner has a gem on their hands that they should be making into a max effort film, and that almost certainly means that it will need 2, 2- hour films to do things right, and to do things cleverly.

  4. I’ve read a lot of comments and news of the ” IT ” Remake and still, no news on a release date! I Hope it comes out soon, sounds exciting. I’ve seen the 1990’s movie probably 50 times over the years, I think what the remake needs is to revise itself by changing the focus to the monster instead of “The Looser’s Club in the beginning of the story. Starting the story this way… Late 1800’s, Dairy Circus. A Crowed of young children are laughing at the bright colorful clown on stage ” Pennywise The Dancing Clown “,reads the sign hanging above, he asks for a volunteer and chooses a small girl. When the young child follows the white faced,red haired clown back on stage he suddenly grabs the girl, holding her in his arms he then yells out ” Fresh Meat” and chuckles and then throws something that blinds the crowd and covers him and the little girl in smoke. The smoke then clears, it seems the clown and girl have vanished in thin air. The parents gasp, as the seconds seem to linger on the longer their daughter is missing. After a mass search of the grounds from all the towns people, they come to find a bloody shoe that was confirmed by the girls father to be hers. Stricken with worry and anger of his daughters disappearance, the girls father, torch in hand, burns down the Circus in search of Pennywise but finds nothing. He falls to his knees in tears, screaming his daughters name in front of the falling ruble. Red eyes glow in the darkness of a nearby sewer drain watching the flames engulf the large tents ( a child’s voice cant be heard screaming ”daddy” from the sewer)… (Evil laugh).1960, Dairy Harbor….Well that’s how I think it should begin. A RATED R “IT” will open up lots of possible things in the story and make it more scary. Definitely don’t get rid of the famous bloody sink scene in Beverley’s bathroom, that was great! Also, keep the picture scene when Pennywise comes out of the picture. Great as well! The characters were a big part of the original so I wouldn’t change the names and core story of each one cause that was a special part of the original. Someone just needs to write them a script so we can see this movie some day soon.

  5. Man I’m really hoping they do this movie soon cuz as a kid I wanted to play Georgie in the remake when they were talking about it in 2012 NOW I want to try out for younge mike Hanlon but if it takes along time again…. Then I’m out of options

  6. I’ve been looking all over the internet looking for an estimated release date…no luck. I hope they don’t scrap the film. I am so excited for this remake. The original scared me to death, but I was only 7 years old when I saw it. I then watched it many times over the years and read the book as a teenager. I believe this remake will follow the book way better thanks to the R rating. I appreciate they went with the R rating even though usually they want a PG13 rating. I was wondering why the new Possession movie had a PG 13 rating then I found out it’s so they can get more people to come which means more money. I love that with the remake of IT they will keep it at an R rating…. allowing for the book to be followed closely. I am excited for this movie in such a way that I’ve never felt before. I have never cared all that much about release dates but when I first heard about this remake I can’t wait to see it. Since the movie was a made for Tv movie, the remake will be at least 75-80% better for sure. It would be nice to see Tim Curry come back as Pennywise The Clown. I do agree that remakes usually do suck, like the Nightmare on Elm Street remake…..was just flat out stupid. But, I really do have faith that the “IT” remake will be great. It has tons and tons of potential. I like that they are changing the “time” I think that it’s not gonna be that big of a deal that it’s set in the 80s instead of the 50s. They will be able to fix it up so it essentially is not all that different, but better. The ending was my least favorite part of the 1990 movie, it was very disappointing. I am excited to see that ending fixed up.

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