PANDORA Online Release Party

Okay, so it’s not really a party, but I’d like to cordially invite all of you to the official release of PANDORA on September 1, 2012. Just click here and invite yourself to my little internet party!

In fact, if you attend said release, there might be a free book in it for you. The Damnation Books website says it best, so I’m going to quote directly from them:

It works like this: At 12:01 A.M on the day a new book goes live on our site, it’s offered free. Yes, you read correctly. The first copy is FREE! With each download the book rises in price by twenty five cents until it reaches its full retail price or 24 hours have passed. At that time, the book goes to full retail price.

What does this mean? If you’re the first person to buy my book at midnight, you get it for FREE. If you’re the second person, you get it for 25 cents. And so on and so forth. Kind of a steal, huh? I’d say that’s a pretty good reason to stay up on that Friday night with your mouse at the ready.

So there’s really no excuse to decline my invitation, because if you think you can’t afford the book, just get ready at midnight and you can get it for either free or dirt cheap. And if you’re still not sure you want to purchase it, that’s cool too. I’d still appreciate you checking out the event, because the more people I can get to show some interest, the more people I can reach. Even if that show of interest is as simple as clicking “going” on the event page.

Thank you all for being such wonderful readers! I couldn’t do this without you and your support.

PANDORA Release event page.

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  1. Yes that is a PARTY! OMG so happy for you. I do love your blog sorry I don’t always comment.

    • Aw, thanks so much! I really appreciate it. I’ve been slacking a little with the non-Pandora posting but I’m sure I’ll get back into it soon. 🙂 I know that at the very least, I will be partying come Sept 1!

  2. What a cool idea! I’m definitely on board! Just need to find out what the time difference is like…

  3. I am anxiously awaiting to own a copy so I will be at my computer for the event!

  4. Is this for electronic downloads only or can hardcopy books also be ordered?

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