Flash Fiction: Cold-Blooded Genesis

Remember how I won that flash fiction contest at Necon E-Books? Well, my entry “12.21.12” was the winner, but I actually submitted two pieces, which both came to me in one big rush of inspiration. I agree that the former is probably the superior hundred-word story, but I like this one too, so I thought I’d share it. The prompt, if you’ll recall, was “new beginnings.”


From out the barren wasteland crawled a lone and broken figure, skin sizzling against gridiron ground, cracked and smoldering in the bloated red sun’s infernal glare.

How he had survived the bombs and blistered earth escaped him. He was alone. Blood boiling. Dying slowly in Hell-on-Earth.

Until the haze of smoky air parted around a green reptilian form, scaled and sharp-tailed. The female skittered closer on the deadland.

The immensity of their aloneness in this broken world flattened him.

“We’ll start a new one,” hissed the female lizard. “What’s your name?”

“Adam,” he said to his new companion. “You?”


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  1. I like that one also!

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