Third Day of Creep-mas

On the third day of Creep-mas, my zombie gave to me:

Three henchmen

…or more like two hench-boys and one hench-girl who work for Oogie Boogie, out to kidnap Santa Claus so that Halloween Town can steal Christmas.

So, children, when you decide to wait up for Santa to catch him in the act of putting your presents under the tree, here are some tips for trapping him. They include locking him in a box, boiling him alive, and beating him with a stick.

…two hurdling droves,
and a creepy doll in a tree.

Categories: Thoughts

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  1. Yes! Love The Nightmare Before Christmas shout-out! We just came back from Disneyland last month to see the Haunted Mansion decked out by ole’ Jack Skellington and his pals. Love it!


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