100 Greatest Horror Movie Quotes

There are writers who look down on horror writers; I think this goes doubly for horror screenwriters, mainly because modern horror cinema can often be kind of a joke. But when you look at all the classic horror movies that have real staying power, you’ll find some really good writing. The exciting thing about film is that you get to see that writing come to life on screen.

So, think you’ve seen all the classic horror movies enough time to know the best quotes by heart? If not, this’ll catch you up to speed on 100 of the most iconic, most terrifying, and most gruesome moments in horror film.

So who can name all the movies in the video? All right, fine, I’ll give you a cheat sheet.

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  1. I guess I like horror films because I knew most of them!

  2. Great list. I write horror, but don’t see very much, considering that neither my sons or my wife will join me. Many times I get stuck watching something on my pc along with headphones. Very sad. I did recognize many of the films.
    Thanks for sharing.

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