Coffin Hop Winners

Well, the Coffin Hop has come to its inevitable close, and it’s time to announce the winners of my contest! I ended up with 36 entries to the random drawing contest. And, thanks to the number generator on, the winner was IndigoSage, who got a copy of Indiana Science Fiction. Congrats!

It was tougher to pick a winner for the creative contest because there were a lot of good entries. One thing that intrigued me was that everyone decided that my ungendered protagonist was a boy. But anyway, with the help of a fellow writer I ended up choosing Caren Widner Hanten’s entry. This was the prompt:

Halloween night has arrived: fallen leaves whisper on the ground, jack-o-lanterns grin like ghouls, and the dead rise from their graves. A night of trick-or-treating has begun, with our young protagonist toting a sack of candy down the street… and towards the supposedly haunted house at the end of the block. Friends too scared to follow, our protagonist approaches alone and goes to ring the doorbell…

This was how Caren followed that up:

He fidgets as he waits, painfully aware of his full bladder.
The door creaks open, revealing a hag of a woman with filthy, matted hair and gnarled hands. Her breath smells like decay when she bends to kiss his cheek.
The boy shuffles past.
“Sorry Mom. Forgot my key.”

Thanks to this delightful micro-story in 50 words, Caren won a copy of Alternate Dimensions.

Whew! Well, November has arrived. Another Halloween has come and gone. So, what now? Now we get back to our ordinary lives, and we strange people sink back into the woodwork to blend into normal society once again. But here’s a question I know you’ve all been thinking…

What does Michael Myers do the other 364 days of the year?





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  1. Haha love the pictures!

  2. (winter) “He sees you when you’re sleeping. He knows when you’re awake. He knows if you’ve been bad or good. So be good for goodness sake.”

    (spring) “Tastes so good it makes ya wanna stab yo grandma!”

    Michael in the pool, Heh heh.

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