Coffin Hop Contest

The time has come: Halloween is in the air, and free prizes are waiting all over the internet for you to win if you go around to all the blogs participating in the Coffin Hop and enter their contests.

Pandora’s Pen is hosting a dual contest: one random, and one with a winner chosen by me.


The first one is a random drawing, the winner of which will receive one FREE copy of Indiana Science Fiction, in which I have not one but TWO stories published (“The Abortion,” “Side Effects May Include Suicide”).

In order to be entered into this contest, just do one or more of the following:

1. Subscribe to my blog (If you’re already subscribed and want to get a point for this, send me a message on my contact form).

2. Comment on any post between midnight tonight and midnight on Halloween.

3. Submit a response to the creative contest below.

For each one of these simple things that you do, your name will be put into the drawing; so, if you post a comment, your name will be put in one time, but if you comment, subscribe, and submit to the second contest, your name will be put in THREE times, meaning you’ll have a greater chance of winning! Be sure to include your e-mail in any comment you post, because I will be tracking entries by e-mail and will contact you at that address if you win.

After midnight on Halloween, I will assign each entry a number (so you may have more than one number if you participate multiple times) and use a random number generator to choose the winner.


The second contest is a creative response to a writing prompt. You have 50 words or less to complete the short-short story. If you’ve never participated in a micro-fiction contest before, be aware that 50 words is VERY short: just a few sentences! So you’ll have to pick your words carefully and be concise.

Here is the prompt:

Halloween night has arrived: fallen leaves whisper on the ground, jack-o-lanterns grin like ghouls, and the dead rise from their graves. A night of trick-or-treating has begun, with our young protagonist toting a sack of candy down the street… and towards the supposedly haunted house at the end of the block. Friends too scared to follow, our protagonist approaches alone and goes to ring the doorbell…

But what lies beyond? A treat… or a trick? You decide! In 50 words or less, give me a micro-story that scares me, surprises me, or even makes me laugh. Just remember to be CREATIVE!

I will pick one winner among the entries. The winner will receive a FREE copy of Alternate Dimensions, in which I have one story published (“The Fifth”). Post your micro-story in a comment below, and don’t forget to include your e-mail address so I can contact you about your prize!

CLICK HERE to visit the home site of the Coffin Hop Horror Web Tour and access the full list of participating blogs.

Happy hopping!

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  1. He fidgets as he waits, painfully aware of his full bladder.
    The door creaks open, revealing a hag of a woman with filthy, matted hair and gnarled hands. Her breath smells like decay when bends to kiss his cheek.
    The boy shuffles past.
    “Sorry Mom. Forgot my key.”

  2. His friends watch from a distance. The door creaks open. An ordinary-looking, balding, middle-aged man steps out. With a smile, he invites the boy in.

    “That’s no monster,” one of his friends said.

    “Yes it is,” another replied. “My mom says he’s a…a pete-o-file.”

    The door slams shut with finality.


    Join me in the Trick or Treat Spooktacular! Could you help make the Grand Prize a brand new Kindle Touch?

  3. From behind the mildewed door, “What weighs more a body bag or a soul bag, little boy? Speak well, or forever rest in peace”
    “Hey, that’s a trick question. The body IS a bag FOR the soul.”
    The veiled voice caterwauled and the house crumbled into a hillside of candy.

  4. Up close, the print of his finger reads like a mountain range. Ringing in his ears, the pulse of his heart, the magma of his core. He presses the doorbell and for a long moment it rings. The house groans as someone inside it stands—footsteps creaking toward the foyer.

  5. I subscribed and am now commenting 🙂

    The eerie glow of dusk added to the solitude of the abandoned mansion. Mangled, dying trees reached toward the sky, beginning heaven for release. Looking up to your window I whispered, knowing the time had finally come – Are you there?

    PavartiDevi @ gmail

  6. Loving that haunted house photo at the end!

    “Avon calling,” the child said, wearily.

  7. As the door slowly creaks open the little boy looks up to see an elderly woman holding a tray of treats. Her gnarled fingers uncover the tray and his eyes go wide at the horrifying sight.
    “Have a brussel sprout,” she rasps.
    Exit protagonist screaming in terror as he flees.

    • This was a fantastic response. While judging, Jake actually laughed out loud. Very clever and funny, and it was such a fine line deciding who was going to win; I sort of wanted someone outside the family to win, but you get an honorary mention as the other best entry 🙂

  8. His finger seizes inches from the glowing dot, his face contorted with pain. He falls to the floor with a rattle, pills spill from a bottle, sprinkling the dark grass with little moons. Later, his mother would say ‘He always forgot to take those’ in a sob.

    Following your blog, commenting on another post, and here’s my email: prettyprettyproductions (a) yahoo (dot) ca

    Happy blog hop:)

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