And The Winner Is…

The votes are in! It’s nice to know that I have 15 loyal enough readers to pop in and vote for the pitch they want to see become a story. I thought all of the ideas were interesting and had lots of potential, but one stood out as our winner with a whopping 46.67% of the votes: congratulations, Mark, on an excellent idea! In case you forgot, here’s what he said:

A physicist/geologist/mathematician accidentally proves the existence of Hell, but he can’t get anyone to believe him–not his colleagues, not religious leaders, not even his family. Eventually he realizes that he’s inadvertently created his own personal Hell on earth.

I can’t wait to start implementing my own take on it so that I can get this story up on the site for everyone to read.

Now, with this contest, I was envisioning non-writers who like coming up with ideas throwing out whatever they would like, but it turned out that I got a few fellow-writers in there giving me ideas, and Mark happens to be one of them. Which, of course, leads us to a strange predicament, since Mark could very well have written this story himself. That’s not to say he won’t. We might end up with dueling stories here.

Thanks to everyone who voted, and a big special thanks to everyone who threw their hat into the idea ring. We will now return to our regular posting schedule, and I’m hoping to have this story finished and ready to post within a month.

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  1. Sounds cool an interesting take on the film Pi

  2. Yeah, I thought my idea was pretty excellent, too 😛

    Make me proud. Or jealous. Whichever you prefer.

  3. Will be interesting to see how you deal with the “science” aspect of proving hell since the hero is a physicist/geologist/mathematician. Wonder how old he was when he graduated!

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