Joanna Parypinski


“Where is the next Poppy Z. Brite?   Where is the next American writer of coherent and lucid horror fiction that doesn’t blink and doesn’t let up, even when you sort of wish it would?  Where is our next guide to the places that are horrible and wonderful and not for the faint of heart?  We may well have found her in Joanna Parypinski.  There seems to be no matter too dark, and no dungeon too deep for her discerning narrative eye to plumb.  She resorts to no gimmicks, and she uses no tricks.  She will capture your attention, and she will earn it.  With Pandora she has made a grand entrance.  And she is just getting started.”
Scott Kenemore, bestselling author of Zombie, Ohio and Zombie, Illinois

“PANDORA is the kind of book King and McCammon and the like used to write in the 80′s, the kind of book that made horror the go-to genre it has become. I have no doubt that there will be endless comparisons to King, as there are with most emerging horror writers, but Parypinski has earned it. This book is well-crafted and planned out, with the kind of scattered-seed style of character introduction favored by the aforementioned legends. […] It is an exciting, enthralling and highly imaginative read, full of horrific situations, hallucinations and descriptions. There are a myriad of horrible deaths, nasty bullies and varied stripes of evil.”
Axel Howerton, author of Hot Sinatra and creator of Coffin Hop

“An intersection of nightmares, ‘Pandora’ is a horror-fan’s delight. Joanna Parypinski deftly covers all the atmospheric and suspenseful stops along this terrifying yarn: Stephen King with David Cronenberg’s eye for the macabre.”
Jake Kaplan, creator of the PANDORA trailer